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Our first rally where we were able to compete on our home turf was a huge success!  Based out of Sunday River in Newry, ME we couldn’t have asked for a better venue.  Living in NH, it was great to compete in an event so close to home and to rub elbows with the superstars […]

Running first in class and second in 2WD, we should have been taking a bit easy on the third to last stage of the rally. Instead, we were on full attack. I was caught by excess gravel on an uphill right hander. Pascal did a great job in the right seat, with nearly perfect pace, […]

I wasn’t able to compete in any rallies in 2013, having a second baby shifts priorities. I have wanted to do ESPR (formerly International Rally New York), a tarmac rally, ever since I bought the rally car. I thought it would be a perfect combination of my newer love of gravel rally with my long […]

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I’ve learned that in the world of rally even a small mistake can lead to a lot of lost time. Starting the day 4th in class was exciting and we had a good first stage on day 2. Unfortunately, on our return trip on Jayville we were carrying a bit too much speed into a […]

Great first day of racing with Steve Kurey.  10 cars in 2WD-light, 27 cars overall and 8 bikes.  Only one stage canceled (ATV’s on stage).  Finished the day in 4th place in class, 8th overall!

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Nice shiny new Stilo with integrated coms.

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Now I just need to figure-out where to mount them!

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Thanks to the guys at Kensington Autoworks in Kensington, NH for some much needed preventative maintenance.  Quick and knowledgeable service.

I’ve been able to address a bunch of small items on the car since last year. Replaced the battery and the wiring for the starter circuit (so it can actually carry enough current to start every time). Adjusted the Terratrip wheel sensors (so they actually register). Cleaned-up wiring throughout the car, although I have not eradicated all of […]

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This race at the Black River Stages in NY was my debut, where among 43 total cars I finished 4th in class, 12th overall. Although we just missed the podium, we were pleased with our placement. Most importantly we had a blast! Can’t wait to run again.