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Running first in class and second in 2WD, we should have been taking a bit easy on the third to last stage of the rally. Instead, we were on full attack. I was caught by excess gravel on an uphill right hander. Pascal did a great job in the right seat, with nearly perfect pace, repetition and clarity.
The “off” could have been a lot worse, the only serious damage was a pair of twisted front control arms and a little cosmetic rearranging of the front valance. Enough to end the rally and bruise my ego.

In-car video

ESPR 2014 overall video, our “off” appears at 2:40 but this give a good picture of the atmosphere.

Have no fear, we’ll repair the car and get back out on the stages. Not sure if we’ll make it to NEFR, or Black River Stages, but I’m hoping to get up to Mount Washington for the Climb to the Clouds hill climb to support Pascal in his own racing effort in his Saab.

Huge thanks to Pascal, as well as Crew Chief Sarah, and the rest of the crew – Stan, Tom and Steve. As always, I couldn’t have been there in the first place if not for the tremendous support of my wonderful wife Christina.

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