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Our first rally where we were able to compete on our home turf was a huge success!  Based out of Sunday River in Newry, ME we couldn’t have asked for a better venue.  Living in NH, it was great to compete in an event so close to home and to rub elbows with the superstars of the North American rally world.  This is a Rally America event and is a joint regional and national so there were some very high profile national teams competing including Ken Block with Ford Racing, Travis Pastrana and David Higgins with Team Subaru.

Ben Nadeau was a great navigator and we got on pace pretty quickly and worked very well together.  As usual, my crew chief Sarah kept the ship sailing smoothly, with David, Calvin and Chris as her worker bees.  This was the first event where she had to get the car to the event and through scrutineering without me since Ben and I were doing recce all day on Thursday.  My wife brought the kiddos up to keep me grounded and to let them see why “daddy’s been working on the car” every weekend for the past month.

We had a few loose bolts to contend with on Friday but raced 3 clean stages.  After recce, I was a bit concerned with stage 2, Icicle Brook, since it was quite rocky.  I had planned to take it a bit easy on that stage but once we started racing I must have lost track of that approach.  We finished 3rd in class (regional G2 2WD), only 16.7 seconds behind the quick Beliveau Boys in the yellow VW.

Saturday was a long day.  10 stages on the schedule with hour long transits from and back to, Sunday River.  With service moved to Errol, NH most of the stages were reasonably close.  We were certainly not the fastest team on stage but we managed to survive and took 1st place in class (regional G2 2WD), 7th overall (out of 35 cars) and the fastest 2WD car for the day.

Needless to say, our entire team was very pleased with the result.  This was our first, 1st place victory not to mention 2 podiums in 2 days.  A huge thanks to the entire team as well as Bedard Medical and Pharmacy and RallyCarParts.com.  Also, thanks to the organizers of the event, all of the workers and volunteers.

Please take a look at the gallery, some great photos from friends and family as well as On A Limb Racing, DaggerSLADE Media, Stryker Rally Media and JT Photos.  I’ll try to get the in-car videos posted soon.  Hopefully we’ll get the car prepped for Black River Stages in September.  Thanks for reading!

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