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I’ve learned that in the world of rally even a small mistake can lead to a lot of lost time. Starting the day 4th in class was exciting and we had a good first stage on day 2. Unfortunately, on our return trip on Jayville we were carrying a bit too much speed into a left 3 with lots of loose gravel. Unable to get the car to turn-in we slid to a stop at the outside edge of the road surface. The right side frame rail was hung-up on a rock and we just couldn’t get the car to move. Even with a willing competitor to pull us out we still lost 14 agonizing minutes. Big thanks to Brenden Belge and Matthew Norton for the tow! A true example of the rally community mindset. Pretty much put an end to our competitive chances but it didn’t stop us from having an absolute blast. Finished my second event (2 for 2!) with no carnage!

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